How We Help

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Health insurance in the United States is complicated. Washtenaw Health Project helps every member of our community access the affordable healthcare coverage they deserve.

Our team supports Southeast Michigan and Washtenaw County residents who don’t have health insurance, as well as people who have questions or concerns about their current plan or changing life circumstances.

We listen, offer guidance, and do everything we can to help.

A Trusted Guide for a Complex System


Washtenaw Health Project helps low-income and uninsured people access high-quality healthcare and health-promoting services. We offer support, education, and resources in order to connect more people in our community with the healthcare they need.

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We help people navigate health insurance and public benefits


  • Guide people applying for Medicaid and Marketplace coverage
  • Fix problems and simplify the process
  • Suggest benefits they might now know about
  • Assist all members of your household enroll in healthcare
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We provide a safety-net healthcare program for people who can’t get other coverage


The Washtenaw Health Plan is not health insurance but provides medically necessary care such as:


  • Doctor/clinic visits
  • Outpatient lab and X-ray tests
  • Specialty care
  • Emergency room visits
  • Prescription coverage
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We erase barriers to better health


Our team works to make healthcare access more equitable. 


  • Assist with unpaid bills and medical debt
  • Connect individuals and families with food assistance and other safety-net service
  • Help people get to appointments
  • Arrange for translation services, if needed
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We advocate for a more responsive healthcare system


Through our work, we understand best practices and imagine possibilities.


  • Collaborate with community partners to coordinate care through our Community Health Workers and Alianza Washtenaw
  • Educate local providers on the latest changes to health insurance
  • Advocate for policy change at a local, state, and national level to increase healthcare access
Tonya South Peterson

It feels great to know that I have helped families and individuals gain access to healthcare, benefit programs, and other resources in the community.

Tonya South Peterson
Enrollment Specialist, Washtenaw Health Project
(Speaks English and Beginner Spanish)

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