Washtenaw Health Plan
Information for Providers

Washtenaw Health Plan is not health insurance. Our members are not eligible for any other healthcare coverage plan.

Washtenaw Health Plan members receive services from providers under a capitated payment agreement. Any medically necessary service is covered unless it is covered by another program. Some examples of those programs are MOMS Medicaid, Medicaid-ESO and others.

If you have questions about these programs or what is covered by the Washtenaw Health Plan, please call the Washtenaw Health Project at 734-544-3030 or Ingham Health Plan Corporation at 866-291-8691.


Washtenaw Health Plan members have prescription coverage with co-pays of $5 or $7.

(If a prescription is not covered by the Washtenaw Health Plan formulary, please connect clients with a Prescription Assistance Program (needymeds.org) or search goodrx.com for the pharmacy with the lowest price.)

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

All Washtenaw Health Plan members have a limited yearly benefit of $250 for certain types of medical equipment and supplies. You can send Durable Medical Equipment (DME) requests to local DME providers, and they will contact us for approval. If you have questions, please contact Jean Amador at 734-544-6886.

If a Washtenaw Health Plan member needs DME not covered by the plan or has already used their $250 benefit, please try Washtenaw County loan closets.

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