Medicaid for Adults

Michigan expanded Medicaid in April 2014, when the Affordable Care Act allowed states to choose to provide Medicaid coverage to more people. They named the program the Healthy Michigan Plan.

Who is eligible for Medicaid – Healthy Michigan Plan?

The Healthy Michigan Plan covers adults ages 19 to 64 who have not been determined disabled and whose income is at or below 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL). View the qualifying income levels for Healthy Michigan Plan here.

What services does Medicaid – Healthy Michigan Plan cover?

Medicaid covers all medically necessary services, as well as vision and dental services. It covers medicine prescribed by a doctor, durable medical equipment, physical therapy, mental health services, substance use disorder treatment, hospice care, pregnancy care, emergency services, immunizations, surgeries, and ongoing treatments for chronic conditions.
See a full list of services covered by Medicaid in Michigan.

How much does Medicaid – Healthy Michigan Plan cost?

Two costs are associated with Healthy Michigan Plan Medicaid: co-pays and contributions. You may not have to pay if your income is very low.

  • A co-pay is a small payment for services and prescriptions. Your co-pays will be calculated every three months based on how often you went to the doctor and what services you received. You will receive a quarterly statement.
  • A contribution is a regular, continuing charge for your Medicaid health plan, just like a premium you would pay for any other insurance plan. This fee is called a MIHA fee.

You’ll make co-pays and contributions quarterly by writing a check or paying online through a MIHealth Account.


How do I get Medicaid – Healthy Michigan Plan?

The first step is to apply for Medicaid. (If you are approved, you should then enroll in Medicaid.) You can begin the process at any time during the year.

Apply for Medicaid online through MIBridges, complete a paper application, or call to apply over the phone at 855-789-5610.

The Washtenaw Health Project can help with your application. Make an appointment by calling 734-544-3030 or emailing us at

Within 45 days you should hear from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) about whether you’re approved. If you haven’t heard back after that, we can check your application’s status. You can also visit your local MDHHS office or check in your MIBridges account.

Once you’re approved, you can enroll in Medicaid any time to use your benefits.

Enroll by signing up for a Medicaid Health Plan. Michigan Enrolls sends you a MiHealth card and information about how to register for your plan.

If your letter does not include a green and blue MiHealth card, you probably had Medicaid in the past. Order a new card or request one when you call Michigan Enrolls to select your Medicaid Health Plan. (Your Medicaid ID# does not change.)

Do I have to renew Medicaid – Healthy Michigan Plan?

Yes, Medicaid is renewed every 12 months. For example, if you were approved in March, you will receive a renewal packet the following March.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) mails a Medicaid Redetermination (sometimes called a renewal form) or sends a MIBridges notification by text message. The form will ask for proof of your income and confirm that your household members have not changed. For most types of Medicaid, only proof of income is required.

MDHHS automatically renews benefits for people whose eligibility can be verified. If you are automatically renewed, you’ll get a confirmation letter.

Washtenaw Health Project can help you with Medicaid!

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