Medicare is health insurance for adults who are age 65 or older or certain younger people who are determined disabled and receiving Social Security benefits.

Who is eligible for Medicare?

If you have worked for at least 40 quarters (10 years) and paid into Social Security, you are entitled to Medicare at age 65. People determined disabled are entitled to Medicare 2 years from their determined disabled date. 

Washtenaw Health Project can help low-income, low-asset individuals and couples enroll in Medicaid to help with Medicare costs. Learn more.

What services does Medicare cover?

There are four parts to Medicare—Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D.

Parts A, B, and D are required for full healthcare coverage. Part C is optional and is an additional cost for most people. 

Part A is hospitalization coverage.

Part B is medical coverage. This covers doctor visits, tests and other routine medical care.

Part C, or Medicare Advantage Plans, wrap up Parts A, B, and D into a single plan. AARP,
Blue Cross and other private companies offer these plans, which that manages all 3 parts of Medicare and may include extra benefits.

Part D covers prescriptions. Everyone must choose and enroll in a Part D plan.


How much does Medicare cost?

Part A is free for people who have worked and paid into Social Security for 40 quarters (each quarter represents 3 months of part-time work).

Part B costs $164.90 every month in 2023.

Part C is optional, and the cost is dependent on the selected program.

Part D costs vary; they are purchased through independent providers.


How do I get Medicare?

Many people will be auto-enrolled in Medicare. If you have questions about your Medicare start date or enrollment, visit a Social Security office or apply online.

Washtenaw Health Project can help people who are low-income and low-asset apply for Medicaid AD or the Medicare Savings Program, which help with Medicare costs. 

We can also help immigrants over age 65 determine if they are eligible for Medicaid to pay for Medicare or if they need to enroll in Marketplace/ insurance. 

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If you are looking for unbiased information about Medicare Advantage plans, supplements and prescription plans, contact the Medicaid Medicare Assistance Program (MMAP)


Do I have to renew Medicare?

Once you become eligible, you are entitled to Medicare for the rest of your life. If you want to explore Medicare Advantage, other Part C plans, or Part D (prescription) plans, Medicare Open Enrollment is from October 15 to December 7 each year. Contact the Medicaid Medicare Assistance Program (MMAP) for more information.


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