Medicaid Redeterminations – Implications for the federal public health emergency unwinding

Jun 9, 2022 | English, Medicaid

Behavioral science tells us that even small administrative hurdles can discourage qualified individuals from submitting benefit applications–even when the services are important to them and their families. But when the federal public health emergency ends, more than two million Michiganders and 67,353 Washtenaw County residents will need to prove that they still qualify for Medicaid insurance.

The Washtenaw Health Plan would like to share some helpful information based on their interactions with thousands of uninsured and underinsured clients in southeast Michigan. 

The hope:

To open a line of communication with Michigan Department of Health and Human Services staff about this important public health concern and to keep as many individuals insured as possible.

  • Involve local providers and advocates in a planning and feedback process.
  • To help develop clear, consistent messages that are simple and client-friendly.
  • To collaborate on and troubleshoot critical issues, such as clients accidentally receiving incorrect determination notices.
  • Washtenaw Health Plan staff, for example, would be happy to support planning efforts.
  • Develop a clear unwinding operational plan that includes information about how groups will be prioritized for renewal and when this process will start.
  • Clearly and consistently communicate decisions to ensure that navigators and clients understand what must be done to avoid loss of coverage.
  • Use plain, concise language and accessible data visualizations.
  • Translate communications into as many languages as possible.
  • Send communications to navigators and clients before, during, and after the unwinding.
  • Use the most effective communications vehicles at your disposal (consider text).
  • Develop a centralized system for updating addresses such as a direct phone line for clients. This would avoid relying on overburdened caseworkers who often can’t respond in a timely way, and would also help individuals who are not computer literate.
  • Refer those who are no longer eligible for Medicaid to the Marketplace’s Find Local Help and assisters, as opposed to brokers.

For more information:

If you need to apply for Medicaid or have questions about Medicaid the Washtenaw Health Plan can help!

Washtenaw Health Plan 734-544-3030

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